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What are MusiCoinz ?

MusiCoinz is a cash rewards system that is only available through

What can I buy with it?

You can buy any item listed on our website.

Exception; (ADL, Elysia, cannot be purchased with MusiCoinz)

How does it work?

For every $100 dollars you spend on you earn 10 MusiCoinz credit. However, some products earn special points. You will earn additional credit on promotions as well.

Calculate costs

Every day we send out free gear to people who have earned MusiCoinz.

Say for instance you purchase a $1600 Mic Pre. You would earn 160 MusiCoinz credits.

What is the value of MusiCoinz ?

One dollar is is equal to one MusiCoinz after earned, however we lower the price on items for MusiCoinz owners. Otherwise customers have to pay, most of the time, the full price for gear.  Note : some sale items do not earn Musicoinz in the same way. For more info email :

How do I get started?

You do not have to buy a product to get started, you can purchase MusiCoinz credits anytime. Call an Associate today to get started. (310) 902-1116

PLEASE NOTE ( You will not earn MusiCoinz Credits through third party sites like )